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kick–ass /ˈkɪkˌæs/ adjective
Learner's definition of KICK–ASS
[more kick–ass; most kick–ass] chiefly US, informal + impolite
: very tough and aggressive
a kick-ass career woman who is determined to get to the top
an executive with a kick-ass attitude/style
: very good or impressive

a kick-ass stereo/movie/song
— see also kick ass at 1kick

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What is this madness? Where does this shit stream of random brain farts come from?? Well, kiddos, this here shit stream originates from the mind of a madman in far Northern California. A delightful little shitburg called Redding. Anything goes here! If it kicks ass, it plays. Period!

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It. Just. Kicks. Ass. Period.

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